Magnum® PRO Air Cooled External Dress Robotic Torch

Magnum PRO external-dress air cooled welding torch


Magnum PRO robotic welding torches combine a robust design with industry-leading expendable parts to produce a consistently high-performing arc.


  • Single Tool Center Point (TCP) - Changing between 350A and 550A expendables does not affect the TCP
  • Robust Cable System - Cables exceed industry standards by a factor of two in durability testing
  • Simplified Expendable Parts Selection - 350A and 550A rated Magnum PRO consumables are interchangeable across all torch models
  • HexConnect™ Gun Bushing - Ensures better electrical conductivity through full-face contact as opposed to rotating connections that have single-line contact
  • Extended Reach - Mounting bracket is designed to optimize clearance for tough-to-reach welding applications

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