Contact tip M6 x 32

Contact tips M6x32 (LG PROMIG 230T – 270 – 330W) - CuCrZr

Contact tips M6x32 (LG PROMIG 230T – 270 – 330W) - CuCrZr


Long Life Contact Tips MIG guns for steel applications


  • CuCrZr contact tips bring excellent performances compared to standard copper contact tips (Cu).
  • The electrical conductivity being superior in a CuCrZr alloy, the arc transfer will meet less resistance and the contact tip will wear out less rapidly.
  • The mechanical and thermal resistances also being superior to a copper alloy, the constraints, especially due to the wire friction and to the arc temperature, will be better tolerated with a CuCrZr contact tip.
  • Used in robotic welding for these advantages, the CuCrZr contact tip can improve the manual MIG/MAG welding performances as well.

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