Invertec 275TP
Invertec 275TP front panel



Portable inverter for TIG welding - 400V/3Ph - Output current: 270A@40%


Output Output


Input Input


The new INVERTEC® 275TP is a new generation TIG inverter which is the next step in professional welding offering excellent welding processes and high performance, to increase productivity. The new INVERTEC® is designed with the latest energy saving technology and is ready to work in the most difficult environments due to its unique design. To achieve excellent welding results, INVERTEC® 275TP utilises digital communication systems and built-in communication devices such as USB, making it easy to monitor and track welding operations.


  • 400V ±15%, 3Ph 50/60Hz, generator ready
  • Light weight – 16kg
  • Inverter platform product
  • Idle power 19W and efficiency > 85%
  • Intelligent F.A.N. (Fan As Needed)
  • Customer Support
  • USB Connectivity
  • Voltage Reduce Device (VRD)
  • Cellulosic 6010 stick capability

Service Information

What's Included

  • Input cable 3 m (no plug)
  • Gas hose 2 m
  • Ground cable with clamp 3 m
  • Metallic clips to fix the hose
  • USB key with user manual
  • Quick Start papers

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Weights & Dimensions

Dimensions (H x W x D) 360 mm x 230 mm x 498 mm
Net Weight 16 kg


Machines Processes TIG (GTAW)
Max Rating 400A
Open Circuit Voltage 72V (11V VRD)
Number of Operators per Machine 1
Data Technologies USB

Technical Specifications

Input Current 20A
Input Hertz 50/60 Hz
Input Power 400/3/50-60 Hz (+/-15%)
Input Phase 3 ph
Mode Icon CC
Output Range 5-270A
Polarity DC
Rated Output 270A@40%, 230A@60%, 200A@100%


Typical Application General Fabrication
Heavy Fabrication
Maintenance & Repair
Petrochemical Industry
Pipeline & Offshore
Structural Fabrication


Warranty 3 years

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