VIKING 3250D FGS Series Welding Helmet.
VIKING 3250D FGS Series Welding Helmet.



VIKING® 3250D FGS™ series welding helmet with integrated flip-up grind shield


The single helmet solution.

In any fabrication environment, productivity, safety and optic clarity are important. Our most technologically advanced helmet series incorporates a « flip-up » clear face shield with anti-fog coating for increased safety and productivity


  • 4C® Lens Technology provides an unparalleled view of the arc, puddle and base material while reducing eye strain
  • Perfect 1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity eliminates distortion and blurriness while maintaining shade consistency and improving angle performance
  • 8 064,5 mm2 Auto-Darkening Display offers a widescreen process view to broaden field of view and enhance operator control
  • Shade 5 Side Windows increases peripheral vision in the closed helmet position
  • Flame Retardant Head Covering provides protection from spatter and improves comfort
  • Large Integrated Grinding Shield protects operators from impacts while providing a clear viewing area for grinding and material inspection
  • Anti-Fog Coating helps maintain a consistently clear view
  • 4 Axis Headgear provides multi-directional adjustments to evenly distribute weight and improve comfort

Service Information

What's Included

  • Helmet bag
  • Bandana
  • 5 outside cover lenses
  • 2 inside cover lenses and sticker sheet.

You May Also Need


Welding Helmets

Welding Helmets Product Types Auto-Darkening
Welding Helmets Product Series FGS Series
Welding Helmets Shell Type Black
Welding Helmets ADF Viewing Area 75 mm x 108 mm
Welding Helmets Control Type Digital
Welding Helmets Weight 794g
Welding Helmets Auto Darkening Yes
Welding Helmets Cheater Lens Compatible Yes
Welding Helmets Cut Mode Yes
Welding Helmets Flip Up Lens Yes
Welding Helmets Grind Mode Yes
Welding Helmets Hard Hat Capable No
Welding Helmets Lens Shade Rating 5-13
Welding Helmets Light to Dark Switch Time 1/25,000 Sec.
Welding Helmets Magnifying Lens Holder Yes
Welding Helmets Number of Sensors 4
Welding Helmets Power Supply 2 CR2450 Replaceable Batteries
Welding Helmets Quick Adjust Ratchet Yes
Welding Helmets TIG Rating 2A AC/DC
Welding Helmets Welding Shade Yes

Replacement Parts

Cover Lenses
  • KP3700-1 Outside Cover Lens
  • KP3701-1 Inside Cover Lens
  • KP3702-1 Grind Shield Clear lens
  • KP3705-1 Side Lens Cover
  • 9SS32652-10 Front lens holder
  • 9SS32652-3 Grind Shield lens holder
  • Sweatband & Headgear
  • KP2930-1 Sweatband - Super Soft Knit Cotton - 2/pk
  • KP3709-1 Head cover
  • KP3706-1 Headgear
  • Cheater Lenses
  • KP3046-100 Magnifying Cheater Lenses - 1.00 MAG
  • KP3046-125 Magnifying Cheater Lenses - 1.25 MAG
  • KP3046-150 Magnifying Cheater Lenses - 1.50 MAG
  • KP3046-175 Magnifying Cheater Lenses - 1.78 MAG
  • KP3046-200 Magnifying Cheater Lenses - 2.00 MAG
  • KP3046-225 Magnifying Cheater Lenses - 2.25 MAG
  • KP3046-250 Magnifying Cheater Lenses - 2.50 MAG
  • Auto-Darkening Filter & Parts
  • KP3703-3 ADF Cartridge
  • Replacement Shells
  • KP3704-1 Replacement Shell
  • Warranty

    Warranty 5 Years