DUCTIFLAP Abrasive flap disks

Ductiflap disks Fiberglass

Abrasive flap disks


These disks are made by cutting abrasive fabrics, then cutting as flaps and bonding them on a fi berglass or nylon backing plate by an adhesive. Our DUCTIFLAP disks are based on Zirconia Alumina, specially designed for steel, alloyed steel, non ferrous material; cast iron, wood and plastic. We use conical disks because it is possible to use them for curve surfaces, for edge grinding as well as lubricious or primed surfaces. The grits are either 40, 60 or 80.


  • Shape: 15 % conical for fiberglass backing
  • Use: Steel/Alloyed Steel/Non Ferrous Material/Cast iron/Wood/Plastic
  • Maximum speed : 80 m/s

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