Angle Change on SMAW

Did you know the angle of the welding rod in the SMAW tool can be changed on the RealWeld® Trainer? It can be and here is the
step-by-step guide on how to change the angle of the welding rod in the SMAW tool:


    1. After Student log in press the “Curriculum” button.


    1. When the Curriculum Status screen appears choose the SMAW WPS that you are going to be training on.


    1. If the previous WPS wasn’t an SMAW WPS the Incompatible WPS screen will appear and ask you if you want to continue with your selection, Press “Yes”. If the previous WPS you were working on was an SMAW WPS then skip to the next step.


    1. Press the “Weld Tool” button then press on the SMAW Tool that is going to be used. After you verify the Compatibility Check screen press the “OK” button.


    1. Press the “Change Angle” button and the Electrode Angle screen will appear.


  1. Press the selected Angle Groove and then the Red “X” to close the screen.



7.  Press the “Weld” button and you are now ready to weld on the SMAW WPS with the Rod Angle that you chose.