Pack of Flash Back Arrestor SECURTOP 662 - Fuel Gas & Oxygene

SECURTOP 662 Flash Back Arrestors

Oxygas safety devices for torches and hoses


SECURTOP flash back arrestor devices offers a complete range compatible on regulators, torches, or simply on hoses. All installations must be equipped with flash back arrestor systems to guarantee you optimal security. All safety devices of the SECURTOP series are compact and meet the EN ISO 5175-1 standard.


  • Characteristics : 35 m3/h in Oxygene ; 5,5 m3/h in Acetylene at 1,5 bars
  • Safety device compliant with EN ISO 5175-1; must be used on oxygen & fuel gas line close the blowpipe
  • High pressure resistance : All SECURTOP 662 devices have passed hydraulic tests conducted at 100 bar.
  • Connection security tested : The models for rubber hose have a hose connection with special double section, tested in accordance with the requirements of the EN 1256 standard to ensure ever higher safety of use with high resistance to accidental disconnection of the rubber hoses, even under axial loads of up to 850N (approx. 85 kg).

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