SECURTOP 670 Flash Back Arrestors

Oxygas safety devices for torches and hoses


SECURTOP flash back arrestor devices offers a complete range compatible on regulators, torches, or simply on hoses. All installations must be equipped with flash back arrestor systems to guarantee you optimal security. All safety devices of the SECURTOP series are compact and meet the EN ISO 5175-1 standard.


  • To be used close to the high flow blowpipe (Flamoxal; FIXAL G2;…)
  • Characteristics : 132,1 m3/h in Oxygene at 25 Bars ; 24,6 m3/h in Acetylene at 1,5 bars and 29,3 m3/h in Propane at 5 Bars
  • Safety device compliant with EN ISO 5175-1; must be used on regulator
  • 2 functions safety devices : NV No return valve; FA Flame arrestor

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