MAXsa 19 Controller
MAXsa 19 controller
MAXsa 19 controller
MAXsa 19 controller input connections

MAXsa® 19 Controller


MAXsa 19 Controller




The MAXsa® 19 controllers are specifically designed to relay wire feed commands to the MAXsa® 29 when a customer-supplied user interface is used in place of the MAXsa® 10 controller. Typically, this occurs in third party fabrication integrator solutions that include integration hardware like turning rolls, panel lines, seamers and pipe mills fixturing.


  • Compact size is easy to position in custom integrator solutions.
  • Fast digital communication with the Power Wave AC/DC 1000° SD via ArcLink cable and to the wire drive via a 14 pin control cable.
  • Standard I/O connector block for start/stop, forward/reverse feed and shutdown input interfacing with external accessories.
  • Standard Status indicator aids diagnostic system troubleshooting.
  • IP23 Rated Tested to withstand harsh environments.


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