I Choose Lincoln...Learn and Grow

Learn and Grow with us

Lincoln provides exciting opportunities to learn and grow. In addition, we provide many educational programs to foster our employees growth at each stage of their career:

  • LEED: Lifelong Employee Education and Development
    An intensive 6-8 months customized development rotational program for recent engineers and/or university
    graduates coming from different countries and with diverse educational and personal backgrounds.
    It’s a unique opportunity to learn through a combination of real world experience with specialized classroom.

  • IBD: International Business Development
    Opportunities to study and work with Lincoln employees from different regions of the world on a specific project.
  • LDP: Leadership Development Program
    Cross-functional training and educational opportunities for individuals with high leadership potential.

  • TRP: Tuition Reimbursement Program
    Financial assistance to employees who want to further their education in ways that will benefit both themselves and the company.