Table Talk

by Chris Gandee


The VRTEX® 360 stand and table can be used in the same manner as a traditional welding table. In this tip we will investigate some creative ways to use the table and useful tips to teach students how to set up the table and stand.


The VRTEX® 360 was designed to be a valuable tool for welding training and as realistic as possible. During traditional welding training, many coupons are used before a student feels comfortable with their setup. Using the VRTEX® products, a student can establish a good setup equipment process before entering the welding shop. The less time a student spends establishing an appropriate setup




p, the more time can be spent focusing on perfecting the weld.

The versatility of the coupon arm allows the user to maneuver the coupon into position by swinging the arm to the left, right or center. The VRTEX® software will simulate the arm in the virtual environment exactly where you identify it, so make sure to check the settings in the system against the physical setup of the table and arm position. The table can be used in conjunction with or without the arm. If the table is physically moved out of the way but the system setup has the table in place, the VRTEX® software is going to simulate the table in the virtual environment; therefore, the user may try to lean on something that is only there in the virtual world. 








If the table looks further away than it actually is, the settings on the machine will show to be different from the actual table. The numbers on the side of the stand pole indicates where the setting in the program should be. During the machine setup, simply input the number of the peg hole to identify table height and do the same for the coupon arm. 

























Getting creative with the table and stand can add some very valuable and exciting additions to a welding education program. For instance, a manufacturing company wants you to train using their welds and welding procedures. One of the welds is an overhead weld on the bottom of a piece of equipment that requires the welder to lie on the ground to perform the weld. By completely removing the table from the VRTEX® 360 stand and dropping the coupon arm down to position number 1 an overhead weld simulation can be taught exactly the same way the manufacturer requires. Being creative and having an open mind can expand the uses of your VRTEX® 360.