Beam Matic


The automation of long workpieces welding (beams, wagons, box section constructions) requires sophisticated machines which move on rails.
The BEAM-MATIC system is used to weld beams of constant or varying cross-section in widths between 220 and 2 000 mm (other dimensions on request).

2 types of BEAM-MATIC are available:

  • Cantilever: CT,
  • On base column and boom: LM.

The BEAM-MATIC allows to weld in MIG-MAG or SAW (single or twin wire) process. In standard, the machine is equipped with a flux recovery device and a pushed flux supply.
Possibility to use wire spools or wire drums on the 2 BEAM-MATIC.
The torch level is fix on the BEAM-MATIC CT and it’s possible to lift the torch level on the BEAM-MATIC LM.

BEAM-MATIC CT (left) | BEAM-MATIC LM (right)

Clamping bench:
The clamping bench allows the positioning of the web and the flanges before the welding, with an additional clamping bench it’s possible to save time and increase productivity.

Control command: numerical control through the PLC with HMI and tactil screen.