An efficient tool for all cuts that require particular preparation for welding, or any other applications requiring bevels. It thus makes it possible to make V, Y, X and K bevels in a large range of thicknesses and materials.

Precise and robust

  • “Machined robot wrist” technology offering:
    - High positioning accuracy: 3 axes are used to ensure the inclination and orientation of the torch.
  • High robustness with low sensitivity to shocks:
    - High mechanical conception robustness base on rotation axis,
    - The bottom of the arm is quite far from the plate and tilting parts,
    - Multi-directionnal choc sensor with large clearance.
  • Fully controlled by digital control HPC BEVEL EtherCAT.
  • EtherCAT motorization with absolute encoders.
  • Compatible with NERTAJET HPi 300 & 450.

AC System integrated intelligent database

  • Integrated in the numerical control, AC System automatically corrects the paths to compensate the angular and dimensional deviations generated by the plasma cutting process.
  • Allows even when the requested chamfer is not known, to obtain a proposal of parameters defined by extrapolation of the existing data,
  • The intuitive & user-friendly IHM gives quick and easy access to the database to refine or create new operating points.

Function CDHC (Cutting Digital Height Control)

  • Allows control of torch height during cutting phases. It is particularly important for the respect of the dimensions of the parts and the quality of realization of the chamfers.
  • Automatically adjusts the torch position to always be at optimal height to generate the best cutting quality.
  • Automatically compensates the wear of plasma consumables especially the electrode. Without this compensation, the dimensions of the chamfered parts would derive of several millimeters.

Advanced features NERTAJET HPi

  • Cycle Boost and Instant Marking: to increase productivity.
  • Hole Master HPi to increase cutting quality.
  • Twin Detect for cutting on dished end.

Function TSB (Trajectory Strategy for Bevel)

  • Optimized cutting strategy for a excellent dimensional result.
  • Optimized learning cycle for accurate acquisition of sheet position.
  • Specific torch orientation cycle for multi-pass chamfers for optimum dimensional results.