Eurotome 2


Thermal cutting machine: easy to use, versatile and cost-effective

EUROTOME 2: a rugged mechanical machine design which brings together all the necessary qualities for the implementation of oxycutting, plasma and marking processes.

Equipped with the HPC 2 numerical control with an high quality 19” touchscreen, the EUROTOME 2 fits to all fabrication needs from the lowest thickness (0.5 mm) to the most important with all processes (oxyflame cutting and/or plasma).
Its concept is versatility, EUROTOME 2 can be equipped with various tools: 1 to 4 oxyfuel torches managed by OXY Essential, a plasma installation (FLEXCUT 125 CE or NERTAJETHPi), a marking tool and a VXK bevelling tool.
The various sizes of beam width (sizes 15, 20, 25, 30 & 35) and length of railway (original rail effective travel 3 m can be extended with 3 m or 1.5 m modules).

Main technical characteristics:

  • Travel speed 15 m/min with double motorisation,
  • Brushless motorisation ensuring accuracy and fluidity of movement,
  • Separate table on the machine frame,
  • Managed by HPC 2 digital process.