HEADMATIC: headstock

3 types of headstock are available:

  • Conventional 1 axis up to 1 ton,
  • With lifting 2 axis up to 32 tons,
  • With 3 axis up to 20 tons.

HEADMATIC conventional 1 axis
MINITOP, TOP and SUPERTOP II can be integrated on mechanisation with or without tailstock.

HEADMATIC 2 axis HL range
HL range with synchronized lifting movement for manual manipulation or integrated on machine. The HL machine is composed of:

  • HLM: headstock,
  • HLF: tailstock.

We can propose the HLM without the idler headstock and the load capacity is half of the HLM+F load capacity. Possible options: lorry and railway.

Possibility to propose HEADMATIC 3 axis up to 20 tons.