The most intuitive and efficient numerical control on the market.
It fully manages the cutting machine, from the trajectory to the processes.
The ergonomics of the HMI and its large 19” touch screen make it a user-friendly and easy-to-use tool.
In particular, it includes all the important functions suited to the thermal cutting business such as: cutting recovery menu, parametric shapes, sheet metal alignment, test menus, automatic adjustment of parameters…

Advanced or Essential control panel:
The Advanced swivel console is equipped with a joystick, ergonomic manual controls and a maintenance mode to simplify the use of the machine. It can be found in particular on the OXYTOME 2 and PLASMATOME 2 range. Also available as a fixed console version with ALPHATOME 2.
The Essential swivel Desk is fully touch-sensitive and is equipped with a maintenance mode that simplifies the use of the machine. It is found in particular on the EUROTOME 2 range. Also available in fixed console with OPTITOME 2.

How works the automatic adjustment of processes on HPC DIGITAL PROCESS?

Phase 1: After selecting the program, the operator chooses the material to be cut.
Phase 2: HPC provides one or more solutions adapted to the application.
Phase 3: After accepting the proposal, the setting of each parameter is done automatically.
Phase 4: When the tool (plasma torch or oxyfuel torch) is equipped with consumables recommended, the machine is ready to cut.

​phase 1​phase 2​phase 3​phase 4