Optitome 2


Monobloc plasma cutting machine: robust, versatile and efficient

This machine is designed for use with NERTAJET HPi plasma installations to achieve very high cutting quality. Its single-piece construction is highly sturdy, allowing simple and quick assembly. This machine can handle heavy-duty production work, up to 300A.

NERTAJET HPi: the new generation of high-precision plasma installations developed by Lincoln Electric, with advanced functions:

  • CYCLE BOOST and INSTANT MARKING: for shorter production times,
  • MASTER HOLE and CDHC: for improved cutting quality,
  • TOUCH & GO, SOFT PIERCING and TWIN DETECT: for greater simplicity in use.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Travel speed 15 m/min (according to EC machines regulation),
  • Brushless motorisation ensuring accuracy and fluidity of movement,
  • Beam height to place rectangular pipes up to 200mm high.

The table has compartments at every 600 mm that helps extend the effectiveness of extraction.

Each compartment has air diffuser boxes:

  • To protect the sides of the table from heating,
  • To protect the air extraction opening hatches,
  • To collect the cutting slag or pieces.