Plasma Air

FLEXCUT 125 : 125A Powerful, 100% Air Plasma

Make the cut in the big game

Low Operating Costs

Keeping costs under control is important to any efficient plasma cutting operation. The FlexCut 125 ensures up to six times longer consumable life and maintains faster cut speeds - both of which deliver higher productivity over less time. The completed cut is virtually dross-free, which means less secondary processing.

Best Cutting and Marking Performance

The FlexCut 125 is designed to deliver on all fronts as the only machine in it’s class that allows you to plasma mark. Whether you are piercing up to 30 mm* mild steel material in a mechanized cutting application, or cutting expanded metal, you can count on less edge bevel and superior edge quality compared to competing cutting systems.     
The various sizes of beam width (sizes 15, 20, 25, 30 & 35) and length of railway (original rail effective travel 3 m can be extended with 3 m or 1.5 m modules).

    Easy to Set, Easy to Use

The sooner your plasma cutting operation can get started, the more productive it will be. The FlexCut 125 plasma cutter requires very little time or effort to get down to the business of cutting. Controls are simple, which makes setup easy, and you can get a consistent and reliable arc without needing to rely on high-frequency start systems. The simple user interface provides a means to configure output pressure based on torch length.