Medium and large format machines for thermal cutting. Robust, versatile and efficient for intensive use 

The OXYTOME / PLASMATOME RS range integrates all the features required to implement the plasma and/or oxycutting process. These machines of medium and large format are suitable for all trades requiring intensive production. In semi automatic version or fully automated they implement versatile applications:


Plasma and oxy installations:

  • From NERTAJET HPi 150 to 600 A in single torch or bi-torch.
  • Full automatic management of oxyfuel process thanks to OXY HPi system.


  • Cut from 0.5 to 300 mm thickness low alloy steels or non-alloy steels,
  • 150 mm thickness stainless steel,
  • 130 mm thickness light alloys,
  • Dry plasma cutting to immersed plasma cutting, with or without automatised bevelling.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Travel speed 15 m/min,
  • Double motorisation in base version,
  • Brushless motorisation ensuring accuracy and fluidity of movement,
  • Separate table on the machine frame,
  • Managed by HPC digital process,
  • OXYTOME RS can receive up to 8 tools (8 OXY or 6 OXY and 2 plasma),
  • PLASMATOME RS can receive up to 2 plasma installations,
  • With version HPC digital process management and control fully automated for plasma and oxycutting process.