Tube Cutting

Tube cutting

This option has been developed to meet many cutting applications on round tube from small to large diameter. Thanks to its software interfaces, the machine is able to cut different types of geometry on tube: stitching, cod mouth, separation cut, straight or evolutive bevel etc... The option is composed of a cabinet control interconnected to the HPC DIGITAL PROCESS, of a motorised headstock with fume extraction duct and an adjustable positioning system according to the diameters of tubes. The positioning of the tube offers many advantages including that the cut piece remains in position after cutting thus avoiding potential risk to safety or damage.

Main characteristics:

  • With standard motorised headstock:
    - Diameter 400 mm (other diameter on demand),
    - Length up to 6 m,
    - Weight maxi of tube: 550 kg,
    - Speed maxi: 30 rpm.
  • Central fumes extraction,
  • Tube positioning by cross rotators or tube rotators,
  • Others dimensions on request,
  • NERTAJET BEVEL HPi in option.