Oxytome & Plasmatome Twin


Robust high-precision machines in medium and large format for thermal cutting with fully automated control.

The OXYTOME / PLASMATOME TWIN HPi range is proposed in medium and large format. It fits all trades for the lowest thicknesses (0.5 mm) to the largest accessible for plasma and / or oxycutting.
Its linear guideline systems fully protected, double beam concept, fluidity of movement and dynamism make a machine specially designed for plasma or OXY HPi cutting at intensive use.
It is perfectly adapted to implement bevelling applications with plasma HPi all automated.
Combined with one or more torches, it provides versatility cutting applications and cuts of high quality: the HPi Lincoln Electric quality.
Full automatic management of oxyfuel process thanks to OXY HPi system.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Travel speed 15 m/min,
  • Double motorisation in base version,
  • Brushless motorisation ensuring accuracy and fluidity of movement,
  • HPC digital process: management and control fully automated for plasma and oxycutting process,
  • OXYTOME 2 TWIN HPi can receive up to 4 tools,
  • PLASMATOME 2 TWIN HPi can receive up to 2 plasma installations,
  • Double beam transverse with roller bearing,
  • Rails with roller bearing fully protected on longitudinal axis,
  • Motor gearboxes with play adjustment.