Submerged Arc


Process for welding and hard surfacing of low alloyed carbon steel, stainless steel and refractory steel. It combines productivity, quality and operator comfort. It is used in thicknesses from 3 to 300 mm and provides a high welding speed and high deposition rates. With one or more wires, it is found in many industries: infrastructure, shipbuilding, offshore pipe mill, heavy duty pressure vessels, energy...

SAW process and performances

Standard heads for single and tandem arc including recycle of flux and various options managed by 2 types of control systems


MAXsa 10: Mobile Console

The MAXsa 10 associated to the Power Wave AC/DC 1000 SD allows to manage the main welding parameters for a total control of the Submerged Arc process.

  • Selection of the polarity (DC+, AC, DC-).
  • Selection of the mode (CV or CC).
  • Selection of the wire material and diameter.
  • Management of programs and memorization.
  • Manual control of wire and flux feeding.
  • Power Manager software to configure the installation.
  • Production monitoring and CheckPoint software for a full traceability ot the welding data.


D2C SAW: Digital Cycle Control
Power Wave AC/DC 1000 SD can be associated to PLC controller D2C SAW via analog interface (MAXsa 10) or via fieldbus protocol (MAXsa 19) for a complete management of the machine with the submerged Arc process.

The D2C SAW thanks a large color touch screen friendly to use is able to control all the devices linked to the welding as:
  • All welding and positioning axes (Column & Boom, Rotator, Positioner, …).
  • Crossed slides of the head.
  • Seam tracking, laser spot…

The welding monitoring during the cycle is facilated thanks direct manual controls (joystick and encoder buttons…). D2C SAW is easy to adapt for a particular request or specific cycle needed for the final customer application.


Lincoln Electric offers inverter technology for DC and AC SAW applications:

  • Efficient power consumption reducing operating costs,
  • High duty cycle: 1 000 A at 100% (40 °c),
  • Easy to integrate from conventional interface to digital unit,
  • Multi-purpose installation:
    - CV: Constant Voltage,
    - CC: Constant Current.

A second model of DC power source can be associated with MAXsa 10: FLEXTEC 650X.

Power Wave® Software Solutions

Power Wave Manager

  • Power Wave Manager
  • CheckPoint™: Welding Production Monitoring
  • Production Monitoring™
  • Weldscore™


NA-3 & NA-5 Control & Heads
Improve productivity with the NA-3S or NA-5 automatic wire feeders. These systems have been specially designed to deposit more weld metal at faster travel speeds which eliminates bottlenecks and cuts costs.