Tig & Plasma


Multi-purpose welding installation to enable the following processes to be used in automatic applications:

  • DC TIG with smooth or pulsed current,
  • AC TIG with variable polarity,
  • DC plasma with smooth or pulsed current.

This installation meets the highest quality standards for welding and productivity for industries as diverse as boiler-making using stainless steels, aeronautics using precious metals, chemical engineering, energy production, transformation and transport as well as prefabrication of gas and petrol pipelines etc.

TIG / PLASMA process and performance
The Plasma process is the ideal extension of TIG for thicknesses greater than 3 mm. It ensures the same level of quality, higher performances and 100% penetration thanks to Key-Hole technology. The diagram shows the different welding performances according to the materials and thichnesses.

Maximum thickness which can be welded in a single pass is reduced for:

  • vertical down and cornice (2G) welding positions,
  • small diameter and very thick tubes.

Improvement productivity with PLASMA + TIG Process
The Plasma + TIG process is specially designed for assembling panels for the prefabrication of vessels longer than 4 meters and carrying out circular welds for diameters greater than 2 meters. This process of using 2 torches in tandem gives a productivity gain of 30-50 % over a single-torch plasma installation. The “plasma” arc penetrates the butt-jointed panels. The “TIG” arc equipped with filler metal, electromagnetic arc oscillation and a gas trailing shield produces a perfect surface finish which can often be left without any further treatment.


Two different systems to manage the Plasma/TIG process are available.
According the typology of machine, the number of parameters to control, the monitoring and the traceability requirements.

Type of machine
  • Stand alone process for retrofit or integrators
  • Simple machine with 1 analog axis
  • Machine management including process with unlimited digital axis

HMI type
  • LCD display + quick access buttons
  • 99 programs
  • 19˝ user friendly touch screen
  • Unlimited programs

User management
  • General lock
  • User profiles management

Traceability & reports
  • Program edition
  • Program edition & WPS
  • Production monitoring
  • Welding ticket
  • Process control
  • Welding records