Arc Starting Using Small Diameter MIG Wire

Q: I bought a new MIG welder a few months ago and I am having trouble starting an arc when using .024" diameter wire. About half the time, the wire vaporizes and sticks in the tip at the moment I start to weld. On those occasions when I successfully establish an arc, it welds beautifully. What am I doing wrong?

My inability to establish an arc with .024" wire is preventing me from welding the thin stuff (like automobile exhaust pipe) because .035" wire burns through. I need to be able to use .024" wire for the thin stuff.

A:  The best wire we can recommend to you is Lincoln's SuperArc® L-56™ .025" wire size (the smallest diameter we make) for your application. I've tested many wires for thin material welding (20-22 gauge) and found this to be the best, but that's not the only reason to choose SuperArc.

Lincoln's SuperArc wire features MicroGuard Ultra™ surface treatment with proprietary arc enhancement agents to facilitate excellent weld puddle control, very good wetting action, straight bead edges and a wider operating range. Exceptional consistency, feedability, and arc action - That's what makes Lincoln's premium copper-coated MIG wire the best choice.