Advanced Process Welders

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Lincoln Electric’s Power Wave®advanced welding platform was built to perform – period. With its robust design and leading-edge weld technology, the Power Wave® platform delivers weld performance and quality you can count on; day-in and day-out.

Advanced Process Welders

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FLEX-FAB robotic welding cells

Video Oxytome

Oxytome 2 - Plasmatome 2 Thermal cutting machine


Lamp post automated welding solutions

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Process Control Technology

Take control – Every machine, Every weld

With it's embedded process control technology, the Power Wave® advanced welding platform allows you to easily standardize your welding process for reduced process variation and improved WPS compliance across your entire weld floor.

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Industry Leading Technology

Power Wave® Manager Standardize your fleets welding procedures Easily save & transfer machine settings Easily configure and select procedure memories Establish parameter range limits and lockouts Allow operators to focus more on welding – less on settings Weld Sequencer™ Utilizing the Power Wave advanced welding platform, Lincoln Electric’s patented Weld Sequencer™ software delivers an intelligent, visually-aided process control solution that optimizes welding performance and quality. Visual work instructions clearly define each assembly step. Continuous on-screen weld metrics & verification. Automatically track weld count, cycle time and deposition.



American Highway Products with 700K+ Skews Increases Production with Robotic Welding

American Highway Products (AHP) implemented a robotic welding solution that helped increase production.

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