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lincgun fx

LINC GUN FX torches

Torch Linc Gun FX

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LINC GUN FX Dual Flow fume extraction torches benefit from the experience acquired ever since these products were added to the range. As a result, LINC GUN FX torches are extraction tools offering high engineering quality for MIG-MAG welding. Dual Flow enables the welder to decide to change the extraction power according to the type of weld made by just pressing a micro switch located on the torch handle. In that way the worker is protected from fumes at all times and has the assurance of making high-quality welds. LGFX use the indirect capture technique which ensures very high efficiency without altering the quality of the weld bead. We offer a complete range from 225 to 410 A with water or air cooling. LGFX is compliant with standard EN 60974-7.


  • Large capture sphere, efficiency percentage close to 80%.
  • Fixed fume collector.
  • Rotating steel fitting at the handle outlet for greater manoeuvrability.