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LINC-COBOT CART AIR LE550 - cart only


LINC-COBOT Cart with conventional air-cooled gun. Includes cart only.


Alternative to the welder shortage, Weld quality under control, Reduction of painful and repetitive tasks, Reduction of exposure to welding fumes, Robotisation with ease, Simplified programming


  • Intelligent Torch System : Guide the cobot into the correct position by hand, using the torch-mounted enabling device
  • Mobile and adaptable : Easily deployed and programmed to weld in minutes. You can quickly automate tasks for improved productivity and throughput.
  • Icon-base : Tablet teach pendant, featuring icon-based, timeline programming, reduces the learning curve. Simply swipe icons in the timeline. Including the Lincoln Arc Welding Plug-in.
  • Dual-Action Pushbutton Interface : Record points directly at the torch, reducing the cumbersome part of programming. The push-button interface, designed directly into the torch, allows the operator to record aproach and weld start/end points, as well as change robot motion.
  • Highest Safety : Truly Collaborative Environment thanks to Cobot the design and its intelligent contact-sensing technology allowing the Linc-Cobot to safely work side-by-side with welding operator.
  • Maintenance free : The Cobot is designed for eight years ZERO maintenance on motors, reducers, sensors, cables, and grease – delivering peace of mind, you can trust.

Neler Dahil

  • Fanuc CRX 10iA/L with Tablet-Based TP
  • Integrated Push-button Torch Control
  • Power Wave® R450 Robotic Power Source
  • AutoDrive® 4R100 Wire Feeder
  • Robotic torch
  • Coolarc 26 (for cooling package)
  • Plug & Play single power input
  • Fixed Welding Table
  • Heavy Duty Casters
  • Stabilizing Kickstand
  • Utility Drawer & Tablet Tray
  • Arc visual protection