Changing From A Single Root To A Double Root

by Chris Gandee

1. Start at the login screen. This is the only screen in which the Instructor Mode can be accessed.

2. Insert and turn the Instructors Key in the keyhole on the right side of the front panel. This will automatically direct the program to the Instructors Mode.
3. Use the joystick to highlight the “Tolerance” located on the top right of the Instructors Mode screen and press the red “Select” button to access the tolerances.
4. Under Tolerance choose Tolerance Setup. Use the joystick to toggle through the different tolerance settings. If you have not created a tolerance file previously follow each step below. If you have created a tolerance file go to step #7.

NOTE: The user cannot make changes to the Default settings file.







Creating a changeable tolerance file:

5. Press the yellow “Edit” button. Use the joystick to highlight “Create New” and press the red Select button. This will move the program directly to the login screen to name the file you are creating.

6. Use the joystick and red “Select” button to name the file being created.7. Once new tolerance file is created, it must be selected before changes can be made. Use the joystick to highlight the new file and press the red select button. On the top center of the Instructors Mode page the Current Tolerance is listed. Make sure the desired tolerance is listed here. Press the green “Customize” button.
8. Press the green “Customize” button.

9. Select the desired joint to customize a tolerance and press the red “Select” button.




10. Selected the desired process and press the green “Customize” button. This will take you to the Tolerance Adjustment screens.

11. Use the white arrows to navigate through the available tolerance adjustments. Find the screen with CTWD/Arc Length located at the top of the tolerance blocks use the joystick to highlight the tolerance box to be changed.

12. To make a change to any tolerance highlight the desired tolerance using the joystick and press the red select button. This will enter the tolerance in the adjustment block on the right side of the screen. Use the joystick to make the necessary adjustments.

For example, if changing the Aim Tolerance of the 1G FCAW-G weld highlight the tolerance and press the red select button. Then use the joystick to move the 1st pass Aim Tolerance Y axis from 0.00 to -0.15.



Use the blue “Next Pass “button to select the second pass. Use the joystick to highlight the X axis and change it from 0.19 to 0.00. Use the joystick to highlight the Y axis and change that from 0.00 to 0.15. This will place both passes on the same plain but move them to opposite sides of the groove.

13. Once changes have been made press the green “Set Tolerance” button. This will save the changes.

14. Press the orange “Back” button until returned to the Login Screen. The program will automatically save the tolerance file.

NOTE: The changes are only available in the modified file created, not in the “Defaults” file.