cardboard box Lincoln

Diameters / Packaging

Carton box 12 KG (6 x 2 KG, approx. 552 pcs)
Carton box 12.6 KG (3 x 4.2 KG, approx. 360 pcs)
Carton box 17.4 KG (3 x 5.8 KG, approx. 255 pcs)
2.5x350 mm 527537-2
3.2x350 mm 527834-2
4.0x350 mm 527940-2

Arosta® 304L

Stick (SMAW)

AWS A5.4 : E308L-16
EN ISO 3581-A : E 19 9 L R 12

Rutile basic all position stainless steel electrode for 304L or equivalent steels


AROSTA 304L is a basic coated MMA electrode for welding similar austenitic Cr-Ni steels or cast steels. With the correct welding procedure, applications include the joining of ferritic and stainless Cr-steels. Structural works with 304L stainless steels in all positions except vertical down.


  • Excellent corrosion resistance in oxidizing environments such as nitric acid
  • High resistance to intergranular corrosion
  • Smooth bead appearance
  • Easy slag release
  • Strong electrode coating
  • Weldable on AC and DC

Welding Positions

  • All position, except vertical down

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