PIPEFAB Water Cooler

PIPEFAB™ Water Cooler


Smart cooler for use with PIPEFAB™ power sources


The PIPEFAB Water Cooler is designed to support high amperage TIG, MIG, & FCAW applications. Powered and controlled directly by the PIPEFAB™ Power Source, this smart cooler also features on-demand activation and coolant flow sensors.


  • Receives power directly from PIPEFAB™ power source. No external connections required.
  • Mounts directly underneath PIPEFAB™ power source for a clean and simple water cooled solution.
  • Cooler can be configured to activate in TIG, wire-fed processes (MIG/FCAW), or both.
  • Smart cooler functionality alerts if low coolant levels or low flow is detected to prevent damage to accessories
  • Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty

    Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty

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