Submerged Arc Family

Diameters / Packaging

450lb Drum
Flux ED023365

Lincolnweld® 802®

Submerged Arc (SAW) Flux

Neutral Flux


Ideal for building up on carbon and low alloy steels. Use as an underbase for carbon steel parts prior to hardfacing. Great compressive strength under heavy loading. Deposits are generally crack free, machinable and can be flame cut. Deposit thickness is unlimited.


  • Deposit carbon, alloy content and hardness depend upon the ratio of flux melted to wire melted. High voltage promotes high carbon and alloy contents, while low voltage promotes lower carbon and alloy content.
  • Excellent hot slag removal with wire containing columbium, vanadium or very high chrome levels
  • Use with Lincore® 102W, Lincore®, Lincore® 423Cr and Lincore® 414N, Lincore® 102HC

Typical Applications

  • Hardfacing, use with Lincore® 102W
  • Hardfacing, use with Lincore® 423Cr, Lincore®, Lincore® 414N
  • Hardfacing, use with Lincore® 102HC

Welding Positions

  • Flat/Horizontal

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