cardboard box oerlikon

Diameters / Packaging

CBOH 1.5 KG (Approx. 250 PCS)
CBOH 1.9 KG (Approx. 161 PCS)
CBOX 3.8 KG (Approx. 237 PCS)
CBOX 4.5 KG (Approx. 93 PCS)
CBOX 4.5 KG (Approx. 141 PCS)
CBOX 4.5 KG (Approx. 230 PCS)
CBOX 5.8KG (Approx. 90 PCS)
CBOX 5.8KG (Approx. 139 PCS)
CBOX 6.0 KG (Approx. 62 PCS)
1.6x250 mm W000380863
2.0x300 mm W000380865
2.5x300 mm W000380867
2.5x350 mm W000287158
3.2x350 mm W000287159
3.2x450 mm W000287160
4.0x350 mm W000287161
4.0x450 mm W000287162
5.0x450 mm W000287163


Stick (SMAW)

AWS A5.1 : E6013
EN ISO 2560-A : E 42 0 R 12

Mild steel, rutile electrode


OVERCOD E is a rutile medium coated electrode, especially developed for welding mild steel for light metallic constructions and thin sheet.


  • Stable arc and very spattering loss
  • The slag is self-releasing.
  • Very good weldability on AC and DC- current.

Welding Positions

  • All position, except vertical down


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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