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Diameters / Packaging

CBOX 3.5 KG (Approx. 310 PCS)
CBOX 3.6 KG (Approx. 190 PCS)
CBOX 4.2 KG (Approx. 80 PCS)
CBOX 4.2 KG (Approx. 120 PCS)
VPMD 1.7 KG (Approx. 90 PCS)
VPMD 1.7 KG (Approx. 150 PCS)
VPMD 1.9 KG (55 PCS)
2.0x300 mm W000288726 W000288732
2.5x300 mm W000288727 W000288733
3.2x350 mm W000288729 W000288735
4.0x350 mm W000288730


Stick (SMAW)

AWS A5.4 : E308L-17
EN ISO 3581-A : E 19 9 L R 12

Semi-basic MMA electrode suitable for the welding of austenitic steels Cr-Ni steels


SAFINOX R 308L is a semi-basic MMA electrode suitable for the welding of austenitic steels Cr-Ni steels or cast steels containing 16-20%Cr and 8-12%Ni, i.e. AISI 304, AISI 304L. This electrode can also be used for welding of stainless steels of the same type whether stabilised or not for services temperatures up to +350°C. The weld deposit has a carbon content <0,04%. It is particularly suitable for food, nuclear, chemical industry and associated applications. This electrode offers excellent operability and is particularly suitable for downhand butt and fillet welding applications, the 2.5mm and 3.2mm diameter electrodes can be used for positional welding. Combines a stable spray arc transfer resulting in excellent weld bead shape and appearance with a slight concave profile in horizontal vertical fillet welds. There is very little spatter and in combination with the self-releasing slag, post welding cleaning time is maintained to a minimum. Under wet corrosive conditions suitable for operating temperatures up to 350°C, resistant to scaling up to 800°C.


  • Suitable for use with either AC [minimum OCV 50V] or DC positive.
  • Easy arc striking and restriking.
  • Efficiency 100%.

Welding Positions

  • All positions


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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