Magnum® Innershield® 450A FCAW-SS Welding Guns - K115-1,-2,-3,-4,-8,-10

Magnum® Innershield® Welding Gun with a 450A 60% Duty Cycle.


Magnum® Classic Self-Shielded Semiautomatic Guns

Magnum® self-shielded flux-cored welding (FCAW-S) guns are rugged and reliable, while remaining lightweight, flexible and maneuverable. A number of models are offered for amperage ratings from 350 to 600 amps. Lincoln Electric Magnum® guns for Innershield® welding are a great choice.


  • Heavy-duty gun trigger switch - For positive electrical contact and long life.
  • Reinforced rubber jacket - Adds strength and long life to cable.
  • Alternate gun tubes - Available for select guns to reach welds with limited accessibility.
  • Rated 450 amps. Use 3/32-.120 in. (2.4-3.0 mm) diameter wires. Choose from 10 or 15 ft. (3 or 4.5 m) cable lengths. 82° or 45° gun tubes.

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