DELTAREG V18 nitrogen

DELTAREG V18 gas regulators

Industrial cylinder pressure reducer for welding, brazing, cutting and heating using piston technology


DELTAREG V18 series cylinder reducers are piston technology pressure regulator; have been manufactured in accordance with the ISO 2503 international standard. In addition to complying with the requirements of EN ISO 2503, DELTAREG regulators are supplied with additional devices which increase their life, safety and ease of use and improve their identification.


  • Metal piston instead of rubber diaphragm to extend the service life of the regulator
  • Integrated safety valve with indirect discharge to limit the danger caused by high pressure in case of valve malfunctionn.
  • Full protection of ABS pressure gauges with resistance index UL 94-HB fire resistant, with distinctive gas colors for better protection and easy identification
  • The body of the regulator valve is made entirely in brass for greater resistance to high pressures and high temperatures

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