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Kit Hose HV VAC Diam 50 LG 5M


Hose VAC D 50 - 5 M


This 50 mm diameter VAC hose is specifically suitable to welding fumes. It is used to connect a suction torch to the TE35 or modulo MD2 units. VAC hose resists crushing, it is strong, light, very flexible, smooth on the inside and generates low pressure drop. It is supplied with 2 end fittings.


  • Made of PE-EVA copolymer material
  • Ø50 mm - Length 5 meters
  • Light, flexible, crush-proof, low pressure drop.
  • Service temperature -40 °C to +60 °C

Service Information

What's Included

  • Hose
  • 2 end fittings