Plasma HP


NERTAJET HPi is the evolution of the traditional plasma process representing an alternative to laser cutting:


  • Dimensional and geometrical accuracy of the pieces cut on a wide range of materials
  • Quality of the surface of the cut faces (roughness far below than that of a laser).
  • A cut angle (range 2 to 4 in accordance with ISO 9013).
  • Holes with a remarkable straightness on carbon steel with HOLE MASTER
  • Cuts with no adhering slag.
  • Quality maintained thanks to the optimized life time and wear compensation function CDHC of plasma components.


  • Possibility of adjusting the electrical power in relation to the desired speed for each thickness.
  • Possibility of combining several NERTAJET HPi plasma installations
  • Possibility of combining several speed ranges on the same geometry with the HPC DIGITAL PROCESS control.
  • Possibility of combining cutting and marking operations.
  • Possibility of automatically managing the adjustment of cutting parameters
  • Possibility of using the CYCLE BOOST and INSTANT MARKING functions,thereby reducing the marking and cutting time.

Operating costs:

With NERTAJET HPi systems, everything contributes to obtain an economical cutting price:

  • Extended life time for wear parts
  • Low gas consumption unlike a laser.
  • High cutting speed associated with the advanced CYCLE BOOST and INSTANT MARKING functions
  • Cutting with several NERTAJET HPi plasma systems (e.g. dual torch)