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Örtülü Elektrot(SMAW)

E9018-G H4

Low Alloy, low hydrogen

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TENACITO 65R is a low-alloyed basic coated MMA electrode with a very low hydrogen content. The electrode produce a reliable, crack-free and tough welded joint on steels with a yield strength <550 MPa. The weld metal is of a extremely high metallurgical purity, is ageing resistant, retaining good CVN toughness up to -60°C.and CTOD tested. For sour gas applications, the nickel content is restricted to <1.0% max. On request, TENACITO 65R can be supplied to special quality assurance requirements, including KTA 1408.2. The double coating in diameters 2,5 and 3,2mm, confers a stable and concentrated arc, even at low currents


  • Very convenient for root passes and positional welding.
  • Good gap bridging characteristics.
  • Good X-ray soundness

Kaynaklama Konumları

  • All position, except vertical down