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Industry-Leading Complete Welding Education Solutions

WELDING WIRE + ELECTRODES - Our products cover a comprehensive array of welding processes with a wide range of materials including aluminum, stainless steel and high alloys

ADVANCED MULTI-PROCESS WELDERS - Tackle more materials, projects and arc welding processes with an advanced welding power source 

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - Seminars/Classes for welders and instructors at every level

LEEPS™ - Welding certification program in partnership with NC3

ENVIRONMENTAL OFFERINGS & CONSULTATION - Consulting of construction of welding classrooms, booths and schools

Why Choose Lincoln Electric?

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One Stop. One Partner.

Lincoln Electric is the only supplier providing integrated solutions for equipment, consumables, certification and consulting services for booth and fume construction.


Reduce Program Costs

The Education Portal dramatically reduces electrode and supply input prices. Advanced training systems boost practice time while reducing the cost of materials.

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Develop Skills Faster

Students master welding faster with detailed and immediate feedback provided by advanced welding training systems.

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Promote Welding Safety

Prevent welding hazards with durable PPE and maintain safe environmental conditions with powerful fume extraction systems.

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Curriculum Materials

Welding and cutting equipment, advanced training systems and robotic cells are closely aligned with our U/LINC curriculum for easy program integration.

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Support Welding Instructors

Professional development courses, instructor packs, posters and technical guides keep educators and industrial trainers current with the needs of industry.

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Build a Stronger Workforce

Our educational offerings reflect our company's experience serving every industry segment with advancing technology.

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Prepare for the Future

Prepare students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution using equipment fitted with data monitoring and automation capability.