Change Right-handed to Left-handed

One of the more common questions received from instructors is whether the RealWeld® Trainer can be set up for a right-handed or a left-handed welder. The answer is yes. The RealWeld Trainer system can teach either a left-handed or right-handed welder. The default for the RealWeld Trainer is right-handed, but follow the steps below to weld left-handed.

Here is a step-by-step guide to get you through changing from a right-handed welder to a left-handed welder:

    1. After Student log in press the “Curriculum” button
    2. Choose the desired WPS
    3. Then Press the “Weld Tool” button
    4. Choose the appropriate tool for the desired WPS
    5. Press the “Weld” button
    6. On the lower left side of the Weld screen is the “Left-to-Right” or “Right-to-Left” button
    7. Press the selected Angle Groove and then the Red “X” to close the screen.