How to Access the Whip Cue

Turning on the Whip Cue:

The whip technique is used in the SMAW welding process using with material thickness of 3/8” and 6010 electrode.

1. Once the login has been completed, press the orange Actions and Cues button.

2. Use the joystick to highlight the whip cue and press the red Select button.















3. Begin the weld using a whipping motion. 


How to Read the Whip Cue: 

1. There are three main areas measured on the VRTEX® systems for the whip cue. The areas measured can be found in the tolerances section and are;

  • Dime Spacing: the distance between pauses in the whipping action that creates the row of dime appearance in the weld.
  • Whip Time: The amount of time the electrode is out of the puddle allowing it to freeze.
  • Puddle Time: The amount of time the electrode is paused in the puddle.





2. The circles of the cue represent the distance between dimes or the dime spacing. If the circle is green, then the dimes were placed properly. If the circle is yellow, the spacing is still in tolerance but getting close to being out. If the circle is red, then the dimes are too far apart or too close together.









3. The cloud or haze in the middle of the circle represents the time in the puddle or the pause time. If the shadow or haze area is yellow, the pause is on the borderline of being within tolerance. If it is red, the pause waseither too long or not long enough.








4. The whip time is registered by the circle appearing or not appearing. If the whip time is too long or too short, the circle will not appear as seen in the image. The blank space depicts the whip being too short or too long. The system considers this as not being a whip and will not register it as one.