Hybrid Laser GMAW

What is Hybrid Laser GMAW?

Hybrid Laser GMAW welding is an automated, high performance welding process which results in a very narrow heat-affected zone (HAZ) with deep penetration and high travel speeds relative to traditional processes. This breakthrough approach combines the highly focused intensity of a laser with the joint filling capability of the traditional MIG process. By combining the two, hybrid laser welding provides a unique opportunity for thicker welds with less filler metal or higher travel speeds than typical welding, depending on the material thickness.

As an extension of the revolutionary Power Wave® Waveform Control Technology®, Lincoln Electric’s patentpending Hybrid Laser GMAW process allows for the use of a single controller to manage the synergic operation of BOTH welding current and laser power, unlike conventional offerings. This seamless control architecture and synchronized starting and ending results in increased productivity and a higher quality weld than with other Hybrid Laser GMAW systems.

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