Accu-Pak Box Storage and Handling Instructions


Never tip or roll an Accu-Pak® box – box shall be kept vertical at all times.


(The following instructions are in no way intended to supersede the manufacturers’ instructions for the use of their lifting device)
1. Place the wooden master pallet on the floor.
2. Remove all stretch wrap and/or tape binding the boxes together.
3. Prior to lifting, inspect the box for dents, gashes or holes penetrating the side of the box, and dented or crushed box lids. NEVER LIFT DAMAGED BOXES.
4. Remove the strap loops from the slots on the box lid.
5. Confirm the two strap loops are from the same box.
6. Do not remove the lid while moving the box.
7. For 500 lb & 1000 lb Accu-Pak boxes, the straps may be placed directly on the tow motor. Configure the straps according to the pictures below for proper use. Straps should come up vertically. For 1500 lb Accu-Pak boxes, a lifting device must be used. For all boxes, if a lifting device is used, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assure proper handling.

8. Lift the box straight up off the wooden master pallet. DO NOT LIFT AT AN ANGLE.
9. Avoid sudden starts and stops.
10. When using an overhead crane, use standard safety procedures.
11. Once the Accu-Pak box has been placed at its point of use, follow the instructions inside the center of the box for proper set up.



1. Follow the first 3 steps listed for lifting with straps.
2. Extend the tow motor forks to completely reach through the mini pallet to ensure the box does not tip or fall over. Verify that the mini pallet and Accu-Pak box are secure and are 100% in contact with the tow motor.
3. Then proceed to lift and place the box at its intended location.

1. Boxes should never be lifted to a height greater than necessary – when moving boxes, while in the air, the box can start swinging resulting in injury.
2. Appropriate care should be taken to avoid pinch points when moving the box.
3. Appropriate personal safety equipment should be worn to prevent injury such as a safety helmet to prevent head injury.
4. When lifting a box, care should be given to the path the box will take in getting to its intended location as to avoid collision with other items.
5. Do not walk under the box while it is in the air and never move the box over others.
6. Only qualified material handling personnel should attempt lifting or handling the Accu-Pak box.
7. Lincoln Electric is not responsible for consequential damage due to improper lifting or movement of box.