How to Weld with LH-D Electrodes

Bob Dissauer has worked at Lincoln Electric since 1989 and has over 20 years of experience helping customers weld with Lincoln Electric equipment and consumables in various applications from offshore pipelines to automotive manufacturing. In his daily job at Lincoln Electric, Bob assists welding operators from all over the world maximize their welding output by using the correct operating procedures.

As an Application Engineer for the Lincoln Electric Company, I work with many pipeline fabricators and have seen an increase in the use of low hydrogen downhand (LH-D) stick electrodes. I receive many questions from our customers about how to properly weld with these electrodes and have seen firsthand how incorrect use can lead to weld inconsistencies. LH-D stick electrodes differ from the common cellulosic electrodes used in the pipeline industry, like PipelinerĀ® 5P+, 6P+, 7P+, or 8P+. The high deposition rates and low hydrogen levels make LH-D electrodes ideal for welding the high strength steel specific to this market.


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