One of Lincoln Automation’s core product lines are our Side Beam & Lathes which offer a low cost solution for your pipe welding needs. Lincoln offers robust turn-key solutions which  incorporate a precisely machined rack and pinion system to avoid slippage and maximize welding accuracy and consistency. Our systems are offered with a variety of different control settings which including accurate travel speed and direction control in order to grant the operator complete control of the system. 

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• A low cost system with minimized footprint for welding longitudinal and circumferential seams
• Customizable length for joining cylinders as well as manufacturing box beams and H-beams
• Ultimate solution for overlaying applications

Features & Applications

Available Features:

    • Multiple Head Configurations
    • Flux Management Systems (for Submerged Arc Welding applications)
    • Manual or Motorized Cross Slide Configurations
    • Seam Tracking
    • Welding Torch Oscillation
    • Spiral or Step-Over Overlay
    • PLC Integration
    • Headstock/Tailstock Linear Track for various part lengths


    • Roller Overlay, Shaft/Journal Rebuilding, Pipe Assembly, Low-Profile Pressure Tank Head Joining and Assembly, Beam Welding, and other OD welding applications where quick and precise positioning for circumferential or longitudinal welding is required