Reinforce Welding Concepts with the Right Classroom Tools

Liven up the lecture-based portion of your in-class welding instruction with welding tools designed to introduce welding learners to the hands-on components of the craft. From cut-away welding torches and supplementary posters and materials to the complete teacher’s toolbox, here you can find everything you need to outfit a welding classroom.

Voyage™ Arc

Voyage Arc

The new Voyage Arc Virtual Reality Headset is an interactive classroom platform that introduces welding fundamentals to students. Developed to spark an interest in a career involving welding, it exposes the learner to career opportunities and promotes career exploration.



Teaching Aid Toolbox

Bring welding training to life and bridge the divide between classroom learning and the welding lab with the tools of the trade.

Comprehensive array of tools and accessories from various welding and cutting processes.

Familiarize students to the structure, operation and application of the Cutaway Harris® gas regulator and oxyfuel torch.

Fully supported with Lincoln Electric U/LINC® curriculum lesson plans and more.

Bring actual welding and cutting tools into the classroom to better illustrate the principles of each process.

Boost understanding by illustrating joints, cuts, equipment and related techniques.

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Booth Assist

Booth Assist

A visual monitoring system for the welding booth that easily permits the instructor to monitor the activity of the entire class at a glance.

Weld Booth Assist


Cutaway Harris® Oxyfuel Torch

Promote visual and tactile learning in the classroom with demonstrations on how oxygen and acetylene are mixed, and give students the chance to get familiar with the tool’s structure, operation and application.

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Teaching Aid Cutaway Harris Gas Regulator

Replacement Cutaway Harris® Gas Regulator

Instructors can describe to students how the internal tension spring and diaphragm work to regulator shielding gas flow.

Replacement Cutaway Harris® Gas Regulator


Welding Poster Packs

Displaying posters in the classroom is a great way for welding instructors to reinforce the welder training lessons they teach. We have posters covering arc welding safety, guides to selecting automation and weld fume control systems, welding helmets and other welding gear, proper welding positions and much more. We also offer welding stickers and decals that make wonderful additions to your students’ welding helmets, trucks and anywhere else they want to display their American and Lincoln Electric pride.

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