Fume Extraction and Weld Booths Promote Safe Welding

Maintaining a safe welding environment at all times, and instilling the importance of this aspect of welding, is a critical part of welding education. Lincoln Electric’s weld booths and fume control solutions ­­­– including custom-engineered, integrated booth and fume extraction systems ­– will help ensure a positive, productive and safe training experience for both students and educators.

Central Fume Extraction Systems

Single-Arc Fume Extraction Systems

Weld Booths

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System Design Services

Ventilation & Booth Design Services Create Cutting-Edge Training Spaces

The experts at Lincoln Electric help educators create the welding spaces that produce safe and meaningful training experiences. The Lincoln Electric Fume Extraction Specialists design new state-of-the-art lab spaces and redesign welding spaces at existing training facilities that improve learning. They identify the classroom’s fume extraction needs and configure a booth and fume control solution that will yield the most effective learning environment in the floor space that is available.

Welding Booths and Welding Stations: Getting Started