Comprehensive Welding Training

The Roadmap for a New Generation of Welders

As the welding profession continues to mature and evolve, so does the definition of knowing how to weld. These days, employers require experience with more types of welds than ever before as well as exposure to robotic automation, advanced welding equipment, exotic materials, specialized code certification, welding theory, welding procedure specifications and more.

As a result, public, private and skilled trade schools at every level are developing new welder education programs to deliver the workforce today’s welding industry demands to remain globally competitive. In parallel, the need for skilled welding instructors and curriculum with appropriate welding training courses continues to grow.

Lincoln Electric – with a century of involvement in welding training, research, instruction, participation in industry groups, code development and support of educator, trade and youth organizations – offers the industry’s most comprehensive group of equipment, electrodes, welding training systems, curriculum and resources available for the welding education market today.

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