Inject an Extra Layer of Capacity Into Your Process

Rising demand for plastic products, supply chain unpredictability and a lack of highly skilled labor will continue to test plastics manufacturers in the years ahead.

To thrive in this environment, manufacturers need to find innovative ways to maximize their core competencies while driving innovation, improvement and growth.

To increase capacity in the most economical and strategic way possible, it helps to partner with experts who have a proven track-record manufacturing some of the most effective automation tools today. 

The Lincoln Electric Advantage

• Maximize throughout with faster part changeover and performance
• Increase system uptime
• Reduce operating costs
• Improve workplace safety and employee satisfaction 

Robotic Insert Molding

Specialized automated insert molding solutions can be configured to help you combine different materials, such as metal components, to produce stronger, more complex and consistent parts while saving on the total cost of assembly. We can design customized systems utilizing a variety of mold machine configurations with vertical, horizontal or multiple injection units.  

Robotic Fastening Molding

Robotic capabilities include systems that can install a wide range of fasteners to significantly reduce assembly times and part variability. Our automated systems can provide greater control and consistency to meet joining specifications to the precise torque, turns and dimensions required. 

Additional Technical Capabilities
• Vertical Molding
• Horizontal Molding

Industrial Applications

We provide automated plastics molding solutions that can be integrated in a wide variety of applications and processes in several industries including:

• Automotive
• Medical
• Electronics
• Industrial