ClassMate CRX Welding Cobot AD2446-28_RightHero Render
ClassMate CRX Welding Cobot AD2446-28_BackISO Render
ClassMate CRX Welding Cobot AD2446-28_BackSide Render
ClassMate CRX Welding Cobot AD2446-28_FrontSide Render
ClassMate CRX Welding Cobot AD2446-28_LeftHero Render
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ClassMate CRX Welding Cobot AD2446-28_RightISO Render

ClassMate® CRX-10iA Cobot


The ClassMate® Cobot is an easily programmable robot in the “cobot” family designed for students in the robotic welding industry.


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Finding qualified and reliable welders continues to be a challenge in the industrial and manufacturing industries. For many manufacturers, the thought of automation is a daunting concept due to the learning curve often involved with training staff on using a new system. The ClassMate® Cobot helps solve this problem in the manufacturing industry by bringing a robotic trainer version to educators and their students. Equipped with a FANUC educational software package instructors and students will have everything they need to learn how to operate the ClassMate® Cobot. This new and improved automated solution enables your classroom to automate even the highest mix of different products, and this solution has been proven to be easily implemented by non-welders, due to the simplified programming such as being able to teach the cobot arm, literally at the torch. Simply move the cobot’s arm with your hand, to the start and finish weld points and the cobot does the rest. The ClassMate® Cobot robotic welding system is built for educating and preparing students for the industrial space and has access to all of Lincoln’s highest productivity weld programs allowing your students to learn how to increase manufacturing productivity.


  • The Cooper App - Lincoln Electric created the Cooper App to make it simple for anyone to program and create a quality weld. On screen instructions guide users step-by-step through the process of creating welds, no training required.
  • FANUC CRX-10iA is a reliable collaborotive welding cobot; with Payload: 10kg (22lb), Reach: 1,249mm (49.2in).
  • The Power Wave® R450 Power Source - Welds with a FANUC® CRX robot driven by a Lincoln Electric Power Wave R450 power source. The Power Wave software controls and monitors welding processes delivering the highest levels of weld quality and productivity, exactly what you need to be more competitive.
  • Safety - ClassMate Cobots systems operate at collaborative speeds and have force sensors in all 6 axes, providing a safe environment for a human operator to work alongside.
  • Robotic Service and Support - We offer FREE online training, in-person training classes, the support of 275 technical sales representatives, and the expertise of 115 robot technicians.

What's Included

  • FANUC CRX-10iA Collaborative Arc Welding Robot Arm
  • Cooper™ App
  • Power Wave® R450 Power Source
  • AutoDrive® 4R100 Wire Feeder
  • Magnum® PRO Air-Cooled Robotic Torch
  • Welding Cart with Tooling Table
  • (10) Hand Shields (PPE)